FCHL Tuesday Night League

FCU Prep is an off season youth pick up league that is growing every year!

What is Fight Club Prep?

Fight Club Prep ( formally Fight Club Jr) is a coach/ parent supervised pick up game for youth players of all levels and ages. If your kids get tired of skating around cones and doing drills, its easy to forget why they love  hockey. We don't have pond hockey here in Huntsville, Alabama, so Fight Club Prep is our solution to that problem!

We get the kids playing up in the age group they are moving into the next season so they can meet some players or get used to the speed! Because they are allowed to just play they game, it gives them the chance to relax, have fun, and just be creative!

We want the kids to remember WHY they love this game and Fight Club Prep, while supervised by qualified coaches/ parents, give them the chance to do just that! We want our kids to remember WHY THEY LOVE THIS GAME and just have a good time!