About Us

We Are Passionate About Teaching Adults to Love This Game!

Our Story

Everything Started in 2010

We started back in February of 2010.  A group of rec league adults were fed up with ugly side of the local hockey league and wanted to relax and just play with and against people who just wanted to have fun and not take it all so seriously. What we have evolved into is a beginning to end solution for anyone looking to try ice hockey, regardless of your age or experience.  The Fight Club Hockey Association is  non-profit run by hockey players and coaches who are dedicated to bring the dream of playing hockey to anyone, young or old, and teach them that it is never to late to start something new! 

Our team of coaches range from ex semi-pro players, ex D1 College players all the way to players who started playing later in life JUST. LIKE. YOU!  Our coaches aren't just passionate about the game of hockey, they are excited about introducing the sport to new to hockey adults and watching them evolve into Rec league players the right way.   Come join our tight hockey community! 

What's with the name "Fight Club"? 

When we first started the pick up group, we knew it was something that needed to be protected. Originally it started as an underground movement and so it was important that to protect it, we needed to keep it "hush-hush".  Thats when we started referring to the weekly skate as FIGHT CLUB...because everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club is if you are going to punch someone wearing a cage, you should aim for their throat...wait.. maybe thats not it.. oh right.. the first rule of FIGHT CLUB is that there is no such thing as FIGHT CLUB.. well, Im happy to tell you that there is such a thing and you wont find any throat punching here. If anything, our hockey community is the opposite of an underground movement and we will go out of our way to welcome any and all who are brave enough to start a new sport! 

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