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Hockey 101 - Skating Skills and Power Skating

60 minutes

Before you can score, you have to be able to get to the net and that means you need to learn to skate.  Slap shots and breakaways are impossible without the fundemental skill of SKATING.  Hockey 101 is the first step in the journey for most of our new to hockey adults.  Individual skills from putting on your gear to how to start, stop, turn and skate. We recommend you start with Hockey 101 for at least 4-6 weeks before you move on to the Adult Development Program.  

Youth and Adults

Anywhere from 8-20 skaters per session with both figure skating coaches and hockey coaches. NEED GEAR or SKATES?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Price is $210 for 8 Sessions or $30 Each.  Open to both youth and adults!

Hockey 201 - Skills and Drills

80 min.

Individual skills.  A continuation of the Hockey 101 Program or Adult Development Program focusing on individual skills. Your coaches for this program are Mike Kiene, Darin Taylor and Jason Deghaurey. We also bring in guest coaches who help along the way!

Skaters and Goalies

Anywhere from 15-30 skaters / goalies per session. Dedicated Goalie coaching for adults.  


JV Development League (ADL 1.0)

80 min.

Two teams - coaches on the bench and ice. Guest coaches on the ice through out the session.

26 Skaters and 2 Goalies

Becuase these are teams, we limit the rosters to 13 skaters per team with 1 goalie!

Cost - Duration

Cost varies and is determined by the North Alabama Hockey Association.

INFORMATION and REGISTRATION ( you will be redirected to another website)

Varsity Development League (ADL 2.0)

80 min.

THE BEST SKATE IN HUNTSVILLE! This skate is our newest addition and we are super excited to be able to bring it to you! The same format as the FCHA JV Coached Team, but for faster skaters

26 skaters and 2 goalies
Because these are teams, we limit the rosters to 13 skaters per team with 1 goalie!
Cost - Duration

$290 / 10 Weeks



Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

 You are always welcome to contact us with any question you have that we don't cover here.

Do I need to have my own gear?
Yes! But our friends at the North Alabama Hockey Association will be more than happy to rent you gear while you build your own equipment closet over time. You would be surprised how many people are willing to loan you some extra shins or shoulders - but if you contact NAHA, they can get you all set up at a very reasonable price.
What is the age requirement?
Most of our players are well over 18 but on occasion we will get a 16-17 year old who is new to hockey and wants to learn to play non check hockey. Please contact us if you have any questions!
Do I need to have any skating or hockey experience?
This is my favorite question because the answer may surprise you. NO. NONE. BUPCUS. ZERO. DINADA. In fact, some times it is easier if you don't. Our coaches are thrilled with a clean slate and we can even teach you how to put on all that gear!
Can I sign up for partial sessions?
We can certainly add skaters and goalies after a session has started, but becuase these programs are very much in demand we dont sell the spots for partial sessions. We have no problem though if you need to drop out for injury and will help you find another player to buy our the rest of the session.
What Payment Do You Accept?
All payments are handled online with a major credit card! Our programs can be paid in full or for a little extra charge, you can divide your program into 2 payments! We never want anyone to not play hockey due to finanicial reasons, so if you need something more than that, just contact us and I bet we can work it out. We will take paypal if you PAY IN FULL. All payment plans must be paid for using a major credit card. There is a 3.1% credit card processing fee added to each credit card transaction.
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